The Ice Gorillas of Gelida VI - Part 1 - Script

The Ice Gorillas of Gelida VI - Part 1 - Script

Originally posted on my 9th Dec 2021

Today I am releasing the first draft of the next adventure that the team from 'The Shadows' that featured in Issues 1 - 4 of The Spark would have taken if were successful in getting Issue 5 to Print.

Having survived their last mission and selected to become part of the secret Sector A. The Captain and her crew now have to go deep into the Alliance's reach to help out The Ice Gorillas of Gelida VI.

When I am writing a script I take into account the Artist I would be working with. For this series I was pairing up with Dan Harris and with him I knew I could work in a way which meant I would not need to give too much direction during certain pages as seen in the double spread in this script. This would allow me to let Dan's creative juices flowing.

I hope you enjoy this few pages and I hope to release the next part soon.

pssst, could this random character from The Shadows be from the Gelidian race?

Download the script below.

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