The Devils Sidekick - Chapter 1

The Devils Sidekick - Chapter 1
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For a while now I have been working on my first ever Novel, the book is based around a serial killer but told through his diary. Having been working on this for a while, I wanted to share the first chapter with you all. It is rough and unedited so please be kind on that aspect. If you read this first chapter would you be intrigued to read more.

Chapter 1

I was standing waiting for the train as I do every morning. The boards above the platform were informing us about the status of the trains, and do you know what? They were delayed. Nothing unusual there, it is what I have come to expect of the privatised rail companies of the UK. Seems like a daily occurrence now, and once again delayed with another bullshit reason. Today's reason: it is too hot for the tracks and they have expanded. It was not even 7 am and already the day was starting to piss me off.

The platform was even more compact than usual as well, full of people that had already woken up and seen the weather report only to immediately come up with an excuse for their boss and called in sick, not snuggled up in bed as they probably lied but instead heading to a stony beach to fight with the seagulls over so deep fried chips. How did I know you ask, well it was their shorts and t-shirts that gave it away. Fucking typical British workers; the slightest sign of good weather and the whole infrastructure gets messed up from the lack of workers and heat.

The beach has never been something that intrigues me, I refuse to lay in one place while the sun burns down upon my skin resulting in days of having to deal with sun cream, after-sun lotions and if you're a real sunbathing connoisseur, cancer. I would rather just stay at work, deal with my task for that day and move onto the next day. Today though was destined to be different for me, it went something like this.

Once I had settled into my usual seat away from the tables, second row from the back and against the window, that's when I first noticed here. The door opened with an annoying electric grinding sound and a sweet floral and peach scent immediately started to fill the cabin. It invaded my nostrils before she had even taken a step aboard, but when she did and walked past me. Oh the smell hit me hard and was all-consuming, I was immediately in a trance and awe of her.  She walked straight past me ignoring the vacant space to my right and carried on searching for a seat but there were none other than mine. However, she chose to ignore this empty space of comfort and instead found herself perched against the train's storage holders in the middle of the cabin. I wonder what it was that put her off having a seat for the journey, was it the way I looked? Smelled? I pride myself on being clean but forgettable which is something you need in my line of work. But something had given her reason to not sit. I wondered angrily for a little longer before the train started up again and I was once again lost in fixation upon her.

She stood there in a knee-high dark green dress that was hugging her thighs so tightly you would be able to tell if she had a mole. She was toned; clearly she liked to work out and I could just make out the outline of her ass. It was big and firm being pushed up by her shoes. She was loped to one side by the big black shoulder bag that was probably only holding a few essential items and then a mountain of random rubbish as is common with the handbags I have rifled through in the past. She wore a white shirt that was unbuttoned to the point where her breasts could be seen clearly and I could feel myself throbbing from watching the sweat beading down towards the hidden depths. She had long brown hair with golden highlights parted to either side creating no fringe. Her ears slightly pointed out from underneath and I could make out the glimmer of some small studded silver earrings. She had deep brown eyes which sat underneath thin and immaculately looked after eyebrows. Her nose was pointier than I normally liked but it seemed to fall into place where it sat.

There was something drawing me in about this woman and I am sure it was more than just the hypnotic scent coming from her. Could it have been the way she ignored me? Did she think she was better than me?

She started to move nearer to the door of the carriage and started talking to a friend, of whom I had not even registered had got onto the train, or for that matter had I even noticed we had started moving and was now a few seconds from the next station. I took a second to look over her friend and all I received for my troubles was a mess of her red tangled and bushy hair. I was now feeling the ultimate opposite of how the flower-scented girl made me feel. I could feel the back of my throat drying up in pure disgust, but anyone standing next to this woman would probably make me feel exactly the same.

I refocused and tried to listen in on the conversation between the two but the noise in the carriage was too much and there was a group of school kids in uniform listening very loudly to some music. After a while they both turned and now faced the opposite direction from me. I refocused back into my daily routine of staring out of the window watching the suburban houses turn into large city skyscrapers ready to house all of us clean, suited fools making older and more asshole people money they really do not need.

After another 25 minutes, the train finally pulled into my stop at London Bridge in London so I got up and started to make my way to the door where she stood. My heart started to beat so fast and increased as I approached, the smell I had started to forget came flooding back, fully engulfing me and overwhelming my senses that I am sure just for a brief moment I had forgotten completely where I was and even who I was. I was surrounded by colours swirling all around us both, intertwining between us as if they were trying to connect us together. Then fear took over, totally flipping me from euphoria to dread. I was worried this would be the last time I would see this angel of a woman. I contemplated whether I should stay on the train and follow her to her stop, but I had already got up and arrived at the door. It would be foolish and stupid of me at this point if i then just didn’t get off. However, she helped me with the decision, she turned to her friend and said her goodbyes before also getting ready to get off.

I pushed my way off the train and through the onslaught of idiots trying to jump onto a train before letting others depart. I gave a couple of them a gut punch as I passed to make them reconsider their life choices. There is always another within a few minutes you idiots. I paused as if to check the map on the wall and let her pass. I then followed her closely behind, up the escalators and through the barriers into the street. The weather was still beating down hard upon us pedestrians scurrying around, but that heat felt even more intense from the combined amount of people trying to bustle across the road. My fixation on her continued as I seemed to be in a trance following her every move, ignoring the people I was bumping into, a couple of times I am sure I heard some swearing aimed at me. Nonetheless, I ignored their anger and kept on following her, my eyes fixed into the lower back of her neck. After a 5 minute walk, I was shocked to find she had stopped outside the same office building I work in.

She put her bag on the floor, buttoned up the remaining gap on her shirt and pulled out a small black blazer before heading inside. I followed her in hoping she was a new employee within our firm. We both reached the lift but I was immediately disappointed when she reached out and hit the button for the 3rd floor, one floor below me. Once we reached her floor she stepped out and I got a final influx of that mesmerizing smell.

The rest of the day flew by as boring as ever: meetings followed by meetings of wasted time for stuff that could have been said over a simple email, followed by stupid problem-solving in groups of individuals who seem to like disagreeing on everything rather than moving anything forward. I left for the evening feeling very frustrated and needed to blow off some steam. I headed out across the city and to where my gym was. A modern 3 story, a bright-lit gym full of mirror posers and Instagram babes. You know the type of people with more spare time than sense. I picked this gym specifically as it was always a great place to find new people even though it was outside of my journey home in the opposite direction.

I always start my routine with 20 laps of the pool on the lower floor before drying off and heading up to do my usual weight regime. I would say that I am a strong individual seeing as I can deadlift twice my weight which definitely comes in very handy from time to time. I am normally complete within 2 hours and out the door ready to eat.

I got back on the train ready for my journey home. There she was again, this time sitting right opposite me; she looked a lot less put together than this morning. The day's work had taken its toll on her beautiful form. She had her head face down playing a game on her phone, something to do with animals I think. The smell had gone, no longer was there flowers and peaches but replaced now was a combination of sweat and flowers. She did not look the bright and vibrant individual she was this morning but to me, she was still as beautiful and interesting as the first time I saw her that morning. Throughout the rest of the journey, I just watched her as she sat staring into the little lit-up screen in her hand like the many hundreds of other commuters I came across on my journeys. Not once did she look up, not once was I able to make eye contact. Eventually two stops away from my departure she got up and left. I watched as she walked away and her body still perfectly fitted into her skirt. I knew at that moment that she was to be my next.

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