Cover Reveal for 'Shadows'

Cover Reveal for 'Shadows'

Today I am happy to show you the cover for my comic 'Shadows' which is coming to Kickstarter very soon.

The artwork on this cover is by the same artist who created all the artwork for the pages themselves, Dan Harris, and working with us on the layout for the cover and comic is Andy Bloor. Two fantastic creators who I am happy and privileged to be working with.

TADA :) I hope you love the cover artwork as much as we do, however as you can see we are currently torn between 2 variations of how the layout of the cover should be. So if you can spare just a few seconds, I would appreciate it if you could comment at the end of this page whether you prefer A or B or hit me up on Twitter as well

What is 'Shadows'?

Shadows is a story that I developed inside the pages of an all-ages magazine called 'The Spark'. This magazine is no longer being published and I have many more story ideas set in the same universe that I have created in this particular story.

Shadows will be the first of these stories. For the first time, all 24 pages will be collated into an A5 format and re-lettered with the story being re-told for an older audience compared to its origins as an all-ages comic. Complete with some extra bonus back matter exploring the universe and its history.

So Why A5?

I grew up obsessed with reading Sci-fi books in all shapes and formats but my favorite was grabbing copies of Issac Asimov's Science Fiction monthly. This A5 pulp collection of sci-fi books is the feeling I want for my comics. I want to go back to a time when comics and books were disposable and meant to be read and passed along to the next reader and this fits in nicely with the original format that the artwork was made in due to the original magazine it was featured in was in A4.

Here are just some of the magazines I have on my shelf and you can see why I would love to replicate this in my comics.

When is the Kickstarter?

Hopefully, in the next 4 - 6 Weeks, I am just finalizing the final touches to the Kickstarter page ready for you all to support and get a copy of this comic. If you would like to be notified when it goes live. Please do fill in the form below.

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Hope to see you all when the Kickstarter is live. Again, please do let me know which cover you prefer below and any other comments you have about the comic are welcome.

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