Taking moments to relax

Taking moments to relax

Over the last few years I have been struggling really badly with my mental health and I recently I have started to take steps to try to have less stress and relax. I am sure it will take a long time and one of the reasons I started this blog.

I have been told I need to take time and really appreciate and good stuff happening around me. While noting the little daily wins that occur.

Capturing little thoughts, moments, and ideas in this blog is one way of doing this and another is taking the time away from the confines of my house that during lockdown has felt like a prison on some days. I need to try and enjoy more of this beautiful world around us all.

This weekend my mother visited and for the first time ever wanted to stay the night over. This meant she would be staying longer than a usual flying visit of a few hours and we could really spend some time together.

First of all my dad popped down as well to drop off some stuff I needed for my garden renovation (A blog will be coming on that in the near future I no doubt) and we all decided to go for lunch and do some quick flower shopping before he had to head back home.

Once back from a very filling meal we had to rest for a bit before we then decided we would all go for a nice 5-mile walk that is near us which follows a circle around some lovely grounds and fields full of sheep.

It was a lovely walk as you can see from the images above and the weather was super sunny. Rosie (our dog) was loving the walk and all the new spring smells but was not happy whenever we walked through a sheep field as we had to put her on a lead and she was so desperate to go and see what these fluffy white things are that look just like her.

There were a couple of times that we had come across a few lambs that were separated from their mothers by a fence. The first time I called the local farmer as their house was right there and she showed me how to chase them in. Stay behind them is the key.

After this, we carried on walking for a bit and came across the second set of lambs and we had to work with some other walkers to get these both through a gate. It turns out that in another life I could be a shepherd.

Taking time out to do moments like this takes you away from a computer, away from a work, away from any stresses that are lingering when you are in your home. You get to remove yourself from all this and focus on just enjoying a walk and the company you are with.

What are your de-stressing techniques, let me know in the comments section below.

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