My First Airbnb Experience

This past week me and my fiancée had to head over to the very picturesque Somerset for a wedding. The wedding was to be just outside of Bath and we wanted to try something a little new and get an Airbnb instead of the usual hotel experience.

My fiancée did all the heavy lifting scouring Airbnb for a location for us to stay and I was really happy with the location and the cute little barn we rented and here is some pictures we took.

Click here for the official listing.

We arrived at a lovely clean barn with a nice little seating area outside, with a selection of milk, tea, coffee, and brioche in a little welcome package. We were also met by one of the lovely owner's cats that wonder the grounds. Sadly we did not get two meet the two owners' dogs.


The Airbnb is located in the little village of Rode, Rode is a village in the ceremonial county of Somerset in England, 5 miles northeast of Frome and 5 miles southwest of Trowbridge. It's made up of only a few shops and a very nice pub where we had dinner on our first night.

The Cross Keys Pub

You can find out all about the pub here.

After a long drive up my fiancée was tired (as I am yet to learn to drive a car) and rightly so wanted to relax and have some nice food. Luckily the lovely hosts at the Airbnb had included a little welcome package that included a list of places to eat. One of which was only a 2 minute walk from where we were staying called The Cross Keys.

Once settled we headed over and got some nice drinks while sitting on a suite of different chairs. One of which (the green arm chair) I really want for my home office space.

The dinner was absolutely fantastic, for a starter I had a KFC style chicken. It tasted just like KFC but without the grease. So I would highly recommend it, however the star of the show was what I will describe as the best Lasagne I have ever had. It was a beef ragu style. To put it into perspective, usually a Lasagne is made up of beef mince meat. This was slowed cooked chunks of shredded beef. mmmmmmmm.

So for that, the main meal 100% deserves a massive photo.

Overall the whole stay was amazing and we had fun exploring bath and going to a friends wedding (posts of which are to follow) and we both would highly recommend the stay at Little Barn.

We even got to meet the owners just as we were packing up to leave on our last day, and the owner showed me around his vegetable garden after I showed an interest and I was super excited as during lockdown and once my current garden renovation is done, I want to get back to it again.

If you have stayed at an Airbnb recently, what was your experience like. This experience has made us want to do more staycations using the service across the UK.

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