Captain Fishbeard & Friends Comic

Captain Fishbeard & Friends Comic

While publishing books under Fair Spark Books. I was honored to work with the talented Tom Sparke to produce Captain Fishbeard Volume 2.

I loved working on that book especially when I designed the layout including the inner pages. Here are some examples of those pages.

So you can imagine my excitement when Tom announced he was looking for collaborators to help write and draw short stories to appear in a new upcoming Captain Fishbeard book, I emailed him straight away offering my very limited writing experience to be on a story.

Today I am happy to announce that he said yes and I teamed up with a very talented comic creator of the webcomic Vanguard, Dan Butcher. We have created a short story called Tank to be in Captain Fishbeard, FISHBEARD & FRIENDS.

Head over to the Kickstarter now and pick up a copy.

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